New Newness

I know I may seem to do this a lot (or, just once before), but this is the last time (until next time).

It was time to re-simplify - Squarespace was cool, but it was too complicated and there were way too many options. I am going from a Blackberry back to the old school Nokia. Or even better - the old school Startac.

Anyway - here it is. I hope you dudes like this one as much as the old one. Simpler is better. Unless you're talking about the iPhone - but I can't afford one so it doesn't matter.

This one has the same links to the left, but I have taken out the other pages I had on the old bloggage. This one also has Flikr which will showcase all the new pics of my little baby girl - to come in less than two months! April 17th. Mark you calendars for the best kid EVER.

I will hook you guys up with a new post soon, but for now - this is all you get.