29 Days, One Minute Closer, Still So Far Away

Today - and last night - and all of last week - and the two days before that - and the month before those two days - and all the time before that up to eight months ago, I have been extremely excited about my baby.My daughter.

My kid.

I can't wait to see her and get her out here.

Will she look like me?

Will she wiggle around or just sit there?

Will she make little chirps and burps or will she be silent?

Or will she scream in the kind of way that makes your butt clench and your toes curl?

Will she be a chubby baby or a skinny one?

Will she have long fingers?

Will she have dark hair? Blond hair? No hair? Monkey fur?

Will she smile at me and recognize my voice?

Will she like the same kind of music I like?

Will she be my daughter? I mean really mine?

If you put her in a room with a bunch of other babies would you be able to tell which one was mine?

Will she be like me?

Will she get dirty playing with me and catching fish? Or will she be a princess with tea parties and baby dolls?

Will she fight and live everyday to the fullest? Or will she give in and run with the lemmings?

Will she know why I love the things I love? Or will she not understand me and find me confusing?

Will she read on the porch with me and look at life the way I do?


I sure hope so.

I sure hope so.

I can't wait to meet you Emmy.