I Love it, Lovett

Lyle Lovett is probably the most unlikely of musical heroes - and that is what really makes him good. Especially to me. I have been listening to his record "Step Inside This House" which I stole from Eddie Love's iPod a few months ago.I would highly recommend it, most specifically the songs "Texas Trilogy: Bosque County Romance" and "Texas River Song". I normally don't really like Texas and to me the only redeeming thing about it is that it's better than Oklahoma. But when Lyle sings about Texas it just sounds right to me. He is weird enough to make me like The Lone Star state a little more.

Anyway, tornadoes ripped through Arkansas again last night and it just makes me really mad at all the people that don't use fluorescent light bulbs and drive hybrid cars. Everyone should know now that if we would just recycle more and pay money to "offset our carbon emissions", we would not have any more climate or weather problems. The Earth would cool back down to a more acceptable level and the hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes would really quiet down and probably stop altogether. All the glaciers would freeze back up and everything would be back to normal like it was at the beginning of time back in the early '90s.

If only we could talk everyone in the world into buying Honda Fits and Toyota Priuses, all these problems would no doubt be solved for good and we could go back to our everyday lives without being bothered by heat or meltwater. Although I would expect that it would still be hot when I go outside for the fireworks this July. Actually we probably shouldn't have fireworks anymore either - unless they are organic.

So to all of you who drive Hummers, eat at McDonald's, and drink Fiji water, thanks for the tornadoes.

I hope you're happy.