Icelandic Quietude

Three things about IcelandThere is something calm and decidedly slow about Iceland. I know without ever having been there. The place where one of the only actions that is happening is the trees growing in dark stop-motion.

I started making the "Labor Pains" playlist on my iPod for the big day but then I realized that the only band that needs to be on it is Sigur Ros. That's two.

Also, Icelanders commonly believe in what they call "Hidden People". Trolls, elves, gnomes, etc. The fact that there is an honest belief in the world like that - however childish and innocent - make me smile and want to believe too. That's three.

Today is the 14th.

My little girl is due to arrive the 17th.

There are only two days in between now and then. Although no one is to say whether it will be another two weeks or not, regardless, that's when her plane is scheduled to land. And I will be there.





of the moment.

closer, closer still.