It's Hard

I never wanted to be the guy that has a kid and then tells everyone how hard it is.But it's true - to be honest.

It's maybe one of the hardest things ever, actually.


I'll tell you why.

1. She's not fun yet.

2. She's just a ball of skin and eyes that would seemingly die within hours if you left her unattended.

3. She is hurting my wife physically (breastfeeding) and she doesn't seem to care.

4. She does four things, on schedule, every two hours: eat, sleep, scream, poop - and none of those things are particularly enjoyable for me, except maybe sleeping. And as long as she is doing any of these four things, I can't do any of them.

5. When she cries, she really screams - actually it's not really crying because there are no tears. If there were tears I could really identify with it, but it's just dry blank screams.

Am I the first person to admit this stuff?

I have several friends that have had kids recently and to be honest, I have never heard them say any of this. So either they are not dealing with these problems, or they are acting like they aren't.

I am calling bullshit on both counts.

So let's have it - whose kids are hard to deal with?

I'll be the first to admit: MINE.

Yeah I love her and all, and that is never to be questioned, but right now she just makes me tired, frustrated, anxious, and angry.

So there you have it.

Is this what it's like to be a parent?