There Will Be a Light

I alligatored a few cd's from my Dad this weekend and put them on my iPod.

1. Levon Helm - Dirt Farmer

2. Solomon Burke - The Very Best Of

3. Ben Harper & The Blind Boys of Alabama - There Will Be A Light

4. Joe Cocker - The Best of

5. Johnny Cash - Unearthed IV: My Mother's Hymn Book

As you can tell, my Pops likes good ole southern Rhythm n' Blues and Gospel - like every man should.

Anyways, it's good to get back to your basics, which I did this weekend.

Here is a list of things I did that brought me home:

1. I drove my old VW bug

2. I had to pop the clutch in my old VW bug in the Target parking lot with my brother

3. I saw my brother, who I shared a room with growing up, and got to hang out with him for the weekend

4. I saw my sister, who was cute and sweet when she was little, then she turned crazy, and now she's cute and sweet again

5. I spent a lot of time and my parents house

6. I got in my truck and drove around out in the country alone while listening to the Yonder Mountain String Band - LOUD

It felt good to get back to everything I once knew so well and loved so much. I need to spend more time in that part of my brain. Life is way to short and way to difficult to forget all that is good like we so often do.

So I say to you today:

Enjoy what you once knew and loved so well. Enjoy it.

Find it, listen to it, and experience it.

It's gonna be OK.