Canon A-1

Wednesday, while in the northwestern part of the state, I got in the truck with one of my superintendents to go visit a jobsite. When I jumped in, he asked me in a gravelly smokers voice:"Hey, you aren't into photography by any chance are ya?"

When he said photography he made it sound like it was a really pansy thing to do.

Anyway I said I was definitely into photography and asked why.

He pointed to his backseat where there was a big old camera bag that looked to be full of gear. To make a long story short I loaded the bag and three tripods into my truck at the end of the day and told him I would make him an offer.

I took it to a local photographers shop and asked their opinion.

The girl at the counter opened the smoky bag, looked me in the eye, and said

"Wow, you've hit a goldmine here."

The camera is a 30 year old Canon A-1 (the top of the line model in the late 70s) and there were six high end lenses with all the attachments. One lens is a 120-600mm which is basically a 2 foot long telephoto lens that can shoot up a deer's nose at 200 yards.

The bag and everything in it probably cost the original owner over $10,000 and the shopgirl said everything was in perfect working order. There's even 4 or 5 new rolls of film in there to get me started.

Anyway I made the guy an offer and he accepted.