Another Lesson From My Dad

When my dad had his first kid, he was a school teacher (I think).When he had his second kid, he was a school teacher.

When he had his third kid, he was a school teacher.

Then he decided he would try to become a lawyer. I say try because he had no idea what was going to happen to him in law school. He didn't know if he could pay the bills, pass the tests, take care of his family, etc. He didn't know. He was just going to try.

I say all this because it's easy to think that when you have your first kid, everything freezes and your life continues exactly as it was when your kid was born. Nothing changes, you are locked and stuck.

But when my dad had his fourth kid (me) he was already a lawyer, making money, not teaching school, and enjoying himself and his newfound profession (amidst the difficulties, of course).

All my life my dad has been a lawyer. All my life. When I think of my dad being a teacher, it seems somewhere in the past, like it may have never really happened. And if it did happen, it doesn't seem like it was for very long. In fact, I have no idea how long my dad taught school, because it's really a non-issue. It's just a story he tells now, something that happened back in the 70's.

Now that I have a kid I see life differently, I see things happening as part of history. I am currently living in history - in the past. Not the past like two years ago, but the past like right now. This is my story, chapter 26. I am living in the eyes of what my daughter is going to remember as long long ago, when she was just a baby.

These are the days of pictures of old style clothes, weird haircuts, retro colors, smiles, happiness, and adventure that I sometimes drag out of boxes and wonder about. My life when I was a baby is now remembered only in those faded pictures of the early 80's and the stories my parents and grandparents tell me.

This is what I am living in now.

All of this is just a story,

I am a dad.