We'll Get Away With It

My brother H sent me a "mixed" cd of the band The National. I think it has pieces form Alligator, The Virginia EP, and Boxer. It's good, and I like it.On another note, I am learning something lately:

How to remain confident in the face of crushing discouragement.

It's important - confidence. Because without it, we are insecure all the time and being insecure is a very shitty feeling. This, of course, is not to say that I am never insecure, it's just not all the time.

Life must be lived and the utmost level of security - because of the joy and freedom that comes along with it. Even if it's security in the smallest of things, it's drastically important.

Me and Fatt were at a Widespread Show several years ago and we saw this dirty wookie that was like seven feet tall, wearing the nastiest of clothes and sporting the funkiest of dreads. He was wearing a cardboard sign around his neck that read: FRIEND FOR LIFE: ¢25. Me and Fatt each gave him a quarter and he smiled a gave us big hugs and thank yous.

Anyway, after that me and Fatt went back to our seats and said to each other: "No matter what happens to us in our lives, no matter how bruised and beaten we are, no matter who hates us and wants to kill us, when we are dying in the gutter - that guy will still be my friend."

That's a good feeling, confident, in fact.