Bring The Sadness Back In

People joke and laugh about the most horrible, saddening, and crushing things down here.What happened to being shocked and saddened about things that hurt us and others?

It's truly awful.

There are websites full of videos of people getting hurt and they are portrayed as funny. There are websites full of pictures and viedos of people doing things that make me sick to my stomach; things that make me want to fall down in a ditch and cry.

People talk about things they've heard, seen, or done in such a casual way that it makes us seem like beasts - like the Nazi whose job it was to lock the door on the gas chamber and keep it shut until the screaming stopped.

It strips the whole planet of any form of humanity when we shrug our shoulders at the worlds worst things and allow it like there's nothing we can do. Or when something terrible is said and no one stops the conversation to bring any sort of civility back into it.

What happened to calling someone out for being a horrible person - in all seriousness? How can we possibly allow someone to joke about something that tears our hearts to pieces?

Let us get back to the truest form of humanity. Let us cause those around us to stand taller and be bolder in their convictions and accusations. I realize that it is much easier to take things lightly than it is to attempt to weight one's own shoulders with conviction - but - it's time.

It's time.

Be a person of actual heartfelt emotion.

Be a person who refuses to laugh when something is actually saddening.

Be a person who isn't timid about expressing their disgust with something.

Don't be that Nazi goon who stands by the door following orders - you and I can be so much more than that.