She's Got Me Now

I'm hooked.I'm in love.

I'm smitten.

Once smitten, forever smitten.


She laughed



Oh, it was so wonderful and it surely made the rest of my life happier than it was before. A little giggling chunk sitting in the big people chair leaning on the armrest, mouth wide open, eyes wide with complete pure joy, chuckling and giggling and laughing in little bursts of perfect baby happiness.

She looked at me - opened her mouth in a big wide smile, and laughed.

She laughed.


I am now convinced that there is nothing better on the face of the earth that hearing your baby laugh.

That's it. I've found it. The best thing ever.

Baby laughter.

My goofy laughing perfect baby chunk of love fat.

What's that Emmy, you want a Ferrari?


A credit card with a $40,000 limit?


A pony?


Just laugh.