Everything Sucks

I give up on mankind.Mankind gave up on me.




I shudder to know that I am a part of it.

Here we are, wallowing in the great aftermath of telling God we don't need him.

Did it work?


No, it didn't.

Find somebody that can tell me it worked and I will find you a rock that thinks it can swim.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

A man can lie dead in the ground or he can be raised. Neither surprises.

A man can baptize his child one day and rob a bank the next.




I count myself as one of them,

But I long to be disconnected from the filth.

This thick mud we slog through everyday.

And slog is an overstatement,

We hardly survive.


This post is for my friend.

If something is broken in you, it's broken in me.

My heart hurts for you.