I Couldn't Be Happier

I think this is the first time in my life where I have really been content.Last week I was laying on my brothers couch in Brooklyn, with the window open, falling asleep. I really like sleeping with the windows open (as my wife knows, and hates) so this was expecially nice for me. There was no screen on the window so it was a straight shot out to the neighborhood below.

Sleeping outside (or very close to outside - in this case) causes me to reflect on things for some reason.

I laid there wondering about how strange it was that the room I was laying in had been there all my life, since before I was born, and so many people had laid there before me, even before my parents were born probably. I kept thinking to myself - how did I end up here?

Black kids had laid there. Old Mexican couples had sat there. Someone probably shot up heroin in that room. Someone may have died there, too. And now, here I am (or there I was).

Anyways, I thought about what had brought me to that couch in Brooklyn, and how far I had come in life, and where I was going, and I realized - I coundn't be happier.

I don't need to go anywhere, do anything, or change much.

My life is filled with joy, excitement, and expectation.

I don't need to move to Portland, or Vermont. I don't need to climb Everest (though it would be cool). I don't need to wonder about how exciting my life would be if I had taken different steps.

I like it just the way it is.

Praise God for the friends, family, money, and job you have right now. Not tomorrow, not next week or next year. Enjoy what you've got right now.

Rejoice in the rain, the mud, and all stubbed toes. Life is too short to be bitter towards anything.