Another Horrible Thing

Last night, watching the local news with my wife, I heard something crushing - and saddening.Anne Pressley, a local reporter for channel 7 news, here in Little Rock, was found beaten nearly to death in her home in the early hours of the morning on Monday.

I went to high school with Anne, and graduated with her.

She is a really sweet girl, a beautiful blonde who was always joking and acting goofy in high school, and fun to be around. I have only seen her once since we graduated, she used to live next door to a friend of mine, but I see her on the news often and think how funny it is that my random friend from high school is somewhat of a local celebrity.

A friend of ours is in a Bible study with her at church and she said the group always gets a kick out of her because when she prays she talks like she is on the news.

It's sad.

Apparently someone entered her house in the middle of the night (she lives alone) and beat her within inches of her life with some sort of blunt weapon. She is currently in the hospital in a bad, but stable condition.

So sad.

A sweet girl should never have to worry like that.

Awful things like that should never happen to anyone.

Say a prayer for Anne if you think about it.

And say a prayer that things might be redeemed here on Earth.

Lord, be with her.