Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

Tonight, Barack Obama became the President Elect of the United States, and I am happy about it.Here are a few facts about myself that I would like to officially put out there in my own defense:

1. I am a follower of Jesus who voted for Obama with pride and confidence.

2. I do not condone the killing of innocent (or guitly) babies, or anyone, for that matter. I believe the Bible when it says "Thou Shalt Not Murder" - and so does Obama.

3. I will continue to call myself a Christian, despite the awful Facebook status updates and email forwards.

4. I believe that there is something seriously wrong with the Christian attitude about a lot of things - and I think that attitude should change. Jesus was not a Republican or a Democrat - he was a humanitarian - and so am I - and so is our next President.

5. I'll not accept or take on any of the horrible things that people are saying about those that voted for Obama. There is such a thing as persecution, and I feel very persecuted here. Not by the outsiders, but by Christians. My very brethren.

Some people are calling this an abomination of American democracy.

Tonight, that word became an oxymoron.

It's the Obama Nation.

McCain's not a savior.

Obama's not a savior.

But he will be the President soon.

Don't call him a Muslim, don't call him a terrorist, or a baby-killer.

Don't send the email forwards that you know are lies.

Don't encourage the stupidity that so enslaves the uneducated of this country.

You and I are smarter than that. And better than that.

Let's be better.

I will do my very best.

And please,


please don't call me a sinner for my vote.

My Dad voted for Obama.

My brother voted for Obama.

My wife voted for Obama.

And our souls are intact.