It's Been Awhile

A Lot has happened in the last few weeks. Let me explain.On second thought, there is too much - let me sum up:

1. Lost my job

2. Had another job the same day they canned me (suckas)

3. Did NOT make it into the Capture Arkansas book (this is an OUTRAGE - I demand a recount)

4. Shot my first wedding on my own (suckas)

5. Am very close to landing two more wedding jobs + more

6. Watched Emmy grow her first two teeth!

7. Watched autumn turn to winter (hello again, James Taylor)

8. Watched the leaves fall from the trees

9. Had a cider and a clove

10. Fell in love with my wife (she is a turbo hot little mommy)

11. Decided, once again, to storm my way into professional photography whether they want me there or not (suckas)

12. Defeated a giant

13. Killed the six-fingered man

14. Saved the princess

15. Did NOT get involved in a land war in Asia

16. Went in against a Sicilian when death was on the line (only slightly less well known)

17. Became the new Dread Pirate Roberts