One More

In my new found effort to consistently punch the world in the face with non-stop blogs, websites, and advertising until it reluctantly agrees to my demands, here is one more:The Armchair Adventurer

Check it out. If you don't love it - I'll kill ya.

So that's the next wave. I really hope you like it - it's a bit different from this one, and less personal - but more fun.

And on that note (the fun one), I'll add that I have recently decided that I am simply not trying hard enough. What I am attempting to do is difficult. That is - to do exactly what I want every single day for the rest of my life - and make money at it. And what's more - I have no previous experience, training, or formal education in what I am working towards.

But whatev. That makes the challenge ever better. The greater goal of my efforts is to prove to the world that, as President Bush so eloquently announced to a group of recent Yale graduates:

To the A students I say, excellent job.

To the B students I say, well done.

And to the C students I say, you too can be the President of the United States!

I like that.

If Bush can be elected president, I too can surely do whatever the hell I set my mind to.

To do what I love. Every day. For the rest of my life.

I'll accept nothing less.