Listening to Keith Green

Keith was a complete cheeseball. Possibly the cheesiest guy ever.But the amazing thing about him was that he was 100% genuine. Some people are just like that.

He said "if you want to know what a Christian is, I've got a really good definition: Someone who is bananas for Jesus."

I think he's right about that. It calls us to a much higher but much simpler level of "real" Christianity. You can't fake being bananas for Jesus. And you can't hesitate about it either. It stands as it is. You are either boiling or freezing.

I have been reading this new version of the Bible that I got for Christmas called "The Voice". You should really check it out - there are free downloads on the website. Anyways - it's causing me to approach the Bible in a totally different way. And it's refreshing.

I am reading it (the New Testament) starting at the beginning - in Matthew - and I am noticing something completely shocking that I never saw before.

It's changing everything for me:

The Jesus that we learned about in Sunday school is NOT THE REAL JESUS.

It's true. Go back and read your Bibles if you don't want to believe it.

Jesus was not this careful, predictable, sweet, and tender big brother that they made him out to be. He was blunt, direct, offensive, mysterious, and sometimes very rude. If I were to read the words of Jesus only, with no other background information, I would say that he is more like a Hell's Angel than a meek and tender sheep.

Almost everything Jesus says is totally hardcore and it really seems to freak people out. He seems constantly frustrated with everyone around him and it seems as though he is always dying to get away from the crowds and be left alone. He says more than once (as if looking to the sky and his heavenly father): "How much longer must I shepherd this unbelieving flock?"

Jesus is NEVER reasonable and often seems impossible to please.

Read again if you've forgotten, but read the whole book, not just simple verses. It really is quite disrupting.

Anyway, I see a new Jesus now, and I would challenge you all to see him too.