It Makes Me Want to Cuss

Guys, I know I haven't written anything on here in a while, so here is something new:I am so freaking happy with my life right now I feel that I can only express myself fully with curse words. I'll try to watch my language, but it just wants to come out of me. There are very few words in the english language that express such fullness of joy with so few syllables. Some people might be offended by them, and that's fine. Sometimes they are just annoying when used with no discretion, but sometimes they are just right.

The best way that I can describe my current feelings is to refer you all to this clip.

Nothing else can describe that awesome feeling.

Some people say that 2009 will be the worst year ever. I think it just might be the best.

The funny thing is, I knew it would be great to jump out and just trust - but I didn't believe it strongly enough to do it on my own. I was pulled from a "good" job once, and I was so freaked out, I jumped right back into another "good" job, only to watch the whole company fall apart all around me.

After that I realized I wasn't directing the movie I thought I was. I was trying to direct a film that nobody wanted to act in, while another, better movie was already shot, edited, and being shown on the big screen for all to sit back and enjoy.

Trust me - the other book is better than the one you are writing. Just give up and dive into it. Everything is going to be just fine.

Bob Nesta said it best:

E'ry little ting's gwanna be ahright"

Life is really really good. Way better than I ever thought it could be. I have come to believe that Jesus really is the ultimate supreme power over the universe. He really is in control and he really does want the best for me. It's true. He wants the best for you, too. I believe that so wholeheartedly that I really would be willing to die to convince you of it.

There are not very many things that I would be willing to say that about.

It isn't a matter of right or wrong, true or false, real or fake. Its just true. If you have never tried it, you know you are curious about it, even if you've never admitted it before. Just think about it.

Here's what happens:

There is a fountain filled with blood

drawn from the Savior's vein

and sinners plunged beneath that flood

loose all their guilty stain

1. You get freedom. You get your tattoos removed. You get your hands washed. You shave your head. All that which used to represent you, no longer does. You receive FREEDOM. Does that mean anything to you? It means a lot to me. Ahh, taste the freedom. Come and see.

2. You get joy. Happiness. Feelings of goodness. You just are happy. That's it. I am not talking about a life free from struggle, I am talking about the joy the comes from the relaxation of not feeling the need to respond to the struggle. Does that sound good to you? It doesn't really matter what it sounds like. It is good. Trust me. When I say trust me, I am actually saying that you can trust me.

Dismiss it if you want, but the curiousity is there.

I am not sorry for giving it to you.




Fuckin' A.