Maw Maw

Last night I has a dream that I saw my Maw Maw. She died several years ago and I burst into tears when I saw her in my dream, surprising myself a bit. Anyway I thought it would be fitting to write about her today.Here are three of my favorite Maw Maw memories:

1. Every time anyone of us kids would say something cute or funny, she would always say "God love ya" in her semi-old Maw Maw country voice and smile or chuckle a little. I always felt really loved and appreciated when she did that. I wanted to crawl up in her lap and watch her old papery hands fiddle with things.

2. One of Maw Maw's favorite things to do (if not her number one favorite) was to just sit outside. My dad would carry a lawn chair out for her and set it down under a tree or something, and she would just sit there, happy as she could be to just be sitting outside. She used to cross-stitch birds out there, but in her later years she just sat and watched. She was the first person to show me how to just relax and enjoy the day while doing absolutely nothing. The tolerance of doing that seems to have been lost in these days of super high speed everything. Maw Maw took everything nice and slow.

3. One summer, when Hunter and I were spending a week with her in her little country house outside of Camden, Arkansas, we saw a snake in the garden near the carport and yelled for her to come over to look. She took a short glance at it, then went into the carport, fished out a gardening hoe from the big metal trashcan of shovels and things and came back with it, holding it with both hands at one end. She stepped onto the dirt, a few feet from the snake, lifted the hoe up over her head, and came down with it hard, chopping off the snake's head with one perfect hack. Then she gave it a few more short chops just to make sure. I immediately thought "wow, my Maw Maw would do anything to protect us", which was certainly true, but I think moreso, she was just a tough old lady that didn't want snakes fooling around in her garden. I think she would have done the exact same thing if my brother and I hadn't been there at all.

I miss you Maw Maw, I hope I get to see you in heaven just like I remember you.