Cast No Shadow

As you may or may not know, I am rocking the Bug again. It's a 1974 Baby Blue V-Dub with four dented fenders, a CD player, no A/C, crank windows, and a big ass pile of speakers in a box in the back.So in the style of the high school version of myself, and my brother before me, summer has come, the sweat is rolling, the bug is cooking, and the tunes are CRANKING.

When you get into the bug in the heat (which has only just begun) you immediately begin sweating, from head to toe, and so you want to get the windows down and get moving as soon as possible. When you have driven the Bug as long as my brother and I once did, these steps can be perfected in about 10 seconds.

Unlock the door throw your shit down put your drink between your legs crank the left window while you start the engine crank the right window as you shift into gear queue up the CD track flip the little corner windows in and step on the gas - not too much gas though or you'll kill it, which just ruins everything.

Then, as you're driving up Chenal, just leaving Best Buy with a brand new CD in hand, you slowly turn the volume up to 20.

Something magical happens when you hit 20.

Its so loud you literally can't hear yourself talking, or yelling for that matter. If anyone is with you you just resort to occasionally glancing at each other to make a hand gesture or signal for something or just nod your head to confirm how good the tunes are.

I remember the exact moment that I started to really like music.

It was summertime and Hunter and I had left our house (when he was driving the Bug) and we were out in West Little Rock running little errands and listening to some good music when Hunter switched out the CD that was playing and gently slid in the first disc of The Tibetan Freedom Concert CDs, which had just come out.

It was music and bands that I had honestly never heard before, singing passionately about a cause that was, at the time, really cool and hip to be fighting for.

There was Ben Harper, Noel Gallagher, Eddie Vedder, Radiohead, Pavement, Blur, Bjork, Taj Mahal, and the list goes on.

Listening to that CD in the Bug, with Hunter, started me on good music. With the volume cranked up and the windows down, it was exactly the same as being at a good outdoor concert with your best friends, sans Pronto Pup.

To have some slight idea of what this might have been like, listen to this.

Say what you will about the man and the band, but the song is freaking rockin. The single guitar absolutely fills the speakers with sound, top to bottom, left to right, and all points in between.

This music, and my brother, and riding in the Bug made me feel cool, and as Peter says;

If you feel cool, you are cool.