I Am The Burning Lion

I had a dream last night.It is a recurring dream that I have had at least three times that I can remember. Every time it has been exactly the same, until last night.

I am in a large park, like a National Park or something, and it's daytime. There are large oak trees scattered through the hills and small bushes and boulders and stuff. There is a nice manicured lawn at the base of all the trees and there are very few leaves on the ground. It is a very nice place. It seems like there are people around, but I can't see any of them. So that's the setting.

So what happens is, I am just sort of wandering around enjoying the scenery, when I see a big male lion prowling around on the hill above me. He seems to be tracking something and he moves slowly and deliberately. As he continues to creep through the trees and bushes, I realize he is tracking me. As he gets closer I begin to try to stay hidden from his view. He keeps sniffing around and eventually gets closer and closer until I am hiding behind a large oak tree and he is directly on the other side. He moves one way around the base of the tree and I move the other, constantly evading him. As far as I can tell he never actually sees me, but he knows I am there. After circling the tree several times, I realize that this could go on forever, so I start to climb the tree and when I get about 15 feet up, he sniffs the base of the tree and starts to climb up as well. In the same manner I keep moving around the trunk of the tree to stay out of his sight, and this goes on for a while, halfway up the tree. It happens like this every time. And then I wake up.

But last night was different.

Last night, after we had climbed up the tree and gone around several times, I start to climb down a bit, then I move around the tree until I am directly under him, still halfway up the tree. When he realizes that something has changed, he stops. As he tries to figure out what happened to the scent, I carefully take a wooden match out of my back pocket, strike it on the tree, reach up with it, and light him on fire.

The flames move quickly and soon he is totally engulfed, all except for his mane and head. From the shoulders all the way back, he is burning.

Strangely though, this doesn't seem to affect him at all. He continues to sniff around for a bit, and then starts to back down the tree. I climb around to the other side again, and he keeps going down. When he gets to the bottom he just casually starts walking through the woods again, totally indifferent to the fact that his entire body is on fire from the neck down.

That's it.

My mom told me once that some people believe that all the characters in your dreams are actually just different representations of yourself.

So what does this all mean?

Not sure.