I Want To Eat Myself

Today, I had my first professional massage.It was free because I traded my mediocre professional services (photography) for her exceptional professional services (massage and relaxation).

During the massage I thought about Japanese Kobe and Wagyu beef and how the cows are massaged everyday making their steaks the most delicate and perfect things to eat known to man. I thought about my own flank steaks, tenderloins, and shoulder cuts and imagined that if I could have grilled and eaten myself after that massage, I would have been tender, juicy, meaty, and delicious. A perfect slightly bloody medium-rare salty masterpiece. Served with garlic mashed potatoes with cracked pepper and grilled asparagus. With a nice Cabernet or a Tuscan Chianti. My mouth waters now thinking about my own cut and seared flesh. I imagine there would be bites that would hint at smoky undertones of clove and an extra twinge of salt in the blood.