All Kinds of New Newness

1. New JSP News & Specials Blog:I decided to go ahead and join in the trend of photographers having official blogs, so here is mine. Check it and check it often, you never know when I might add coupons, discounts, special offers, and all kinds of fantastic wonderfulness.

2. Mobile Dailey Photos:

Since I have an iPhone now, which has a totally respectable built in camera and the ability to make super fast blog posts by email, I thought I would share with the world some of the strange and awesome things I see everyday as I go about living the dream. I usually add at least two or three pictures a day, so when you are sitting at your office pretending to work, you can find out what I am doing (or at least take a guess).

3. Tweets:

I realize how insane this new "social networking" craze is, and I know that it is basically totally stupid and a complete waste of time, and I know that it just contributes to the amount of hours we all spend mindlessly looking at things on computers, but who cares. I think its kind of fun. So if you have absolutely nothing to do, and you don't feel like repeatedly hitting yourself in the head with a hammer to kill time, follow me and occasionally laugh or be mildly interested in the very slightly interesting updates that I throw out from time to time.

4. New Stuff On JSP:

So this isn't completely new, but I have recently added all kinds of great and awesome new stuff on my official photography website. New pics, new products, new prices, new junk. Also, if you like reading what my brother would call "nothing", you can read through my new "JSP Policies" section! It contains riveting paragraphs like "Terms & Conditions!" and "Refunds/Returns!" Actually it is just boring corporate crap that I have to have on there in order to process credit cards, which I can now do. So check it.

Also, all of this silliness can be found on the links pane to the right.

One footnote: In light of my new business and all that I am doing now, I would just like to point out that I feel like I am just goofing around. Which is freaking great.