Bonnie Billy Show - Little Rock

BPB hit the stage at about 10:15 and rocked (or lulled) us for a good two hours. It was a different set than the last time I saw him, in Memphis, about two years ago when he was touring with Matt Sweeney (of Zwan) for the Superwolf album, which is still my favorite. This time it was more of an alt-country style with a stand up bass, fiddle, two guitars, and two drummers (one proper kit and one toy kit). The highlights were all songs from the new record "Beware" which the band was clearly more excited to be playing. Oldham was looking dirty and wierd as usual, the fiddle player was a cute college age girl whose parents probably didn't approve of her bandmates, and the main drummer looked exactly like Saddam Hussein when they found him in that hole in the ground in Iraq.

The fiddle player took center stage and almost seemed to lead the entire group, which probably had anyone who didn't know the band thinking she was "Bonnie". Will was off to the side, sort of hiding in the darkness, which really made me want to hear "I See A Darkness". They didn't play it. The only thing he did the whole time that showed any personality was during the encore when he tipped his hat to the crowd during the last song and smiled a bit. Everyone cheered.

It was a great show, although hot as hell in Sticky's (which totally sucks), and I was proud of Little Rock for such a great turnout. As you might expect, I was not the only guy in the room with a beard. It kind of annoyed me that I looked so "fitting" with the whole Indy crowd. I ain't that guy, I just dig beards.