Let The Detox Begin

Yesterday, I decided to start a two week detox. I am defragmenting my hard drive, if you will. Basically, this will consist of m drinking nothing but water, eating generally healthy stuff, and taking an awesome load of man pills that make you strong and valiant. They are:

1. Vitamin C

2. B12

3. Men's One-A-Day

4. Bayer Heart Health

That's pretty much it. I might have a cup of coffee or two in to morning, but not 4 or 5 like I am used to. In addition to that, I floss everyday (which makes no difference because my teeth still crumble out of my head). And I trimmed my beard to feel quick and stealth. It worked. I am also going to shave my melon again soon. Its good to keep yourself clean, sharp, and smart. I try to do this from time to time.

Also, my car exploded on Monday, which is great because its nice to remember that you cant really control things in life, you just roll with it. You think you have something, and then its gone. Its good to know that nothing is really yours anyway, things just come and go and you enjoy them while they're here and say a happy goodbye when they leave.

Thanks again Jesus, I love the way you handle stuff with no regard for anything that doesn't matter. It helps me see that some stuff just isn't worth worrying about.