Two Innovations & One Comment

Innovation #1 - A Solution to the Energy Crisis:Plug all the treadmills, stationary bikes, and fly-weight machines in the world into the power grid. People are burning up energy like hamsters on wheels every day and it goes nowhere.

This may not create enough energy to power a whole city, but I would bet that a large gym or fitness center could at least power itself. Simple.

Innovation #2 - Customized One-A-Day Pills:

A lot of people take several pills every single day and old people take like twenty. Call your doctor and double check that none of your daily medications conflict with each other, then send in all your prescriptions to a company that collects all the pills for you, grinds them up, and combines them into your own personalized single daily dose. One pill. Easy.

Comment #1 - Free Television:

A lot of people pay over a hundred dollars a month on TV. Over a HUNDRED DOLLARS. Every month. On TV. This is an outrage. I haven't had cable since 2002 and I don't miss it one bit. And here's the best part - I have a hundred dollars in my pocket at the end of the month that you don't.

On that note, I would like to add that the seven channels that I do get are all completely awesome. And now that the digital switch has finally come and gone, the Create Network is back on and I can enjoy Rick Steves, Ask This Old House, and HomeTime once again.