Something Stupid

I have been meaning to write this short post for years, but I never remember when I am sitting at the computer.Until now.

To the makers of "Products" (that is, girls stuff like lotions, face wash, creams, shampoo, hair stuff, etc.):

Stop translating whatever crap you are trying to pawn off on my wife into like 12 different languages - especially when they are all exactly the same. For example:






This is (A) stupid because people who shop for shampoo at Target do not speak Swahili and even if they do, they most likely also speak English, but even if they don't speak English, they are most likely not retarded and can probably figure out what it is anyway, and if they are retarded they probably don't need to be shopping for shampoo at Target alone. It is also (B) insulting to people who actually do speak other languages and not English because it assumes that even though there are 18 other spellings of the word shampoo, if you do not see your own language on there, you will stand there and wonder "What the hell is this stuff? Is it mayonnaise?"

I can just see the board meeting at the offices of Pert Plus where they are all sitting around thinking of languages to include so as not to alienate anyone from their luxurious $3 bottle of green crap. I bet they conclude their meeting and send all the bottle labels to print and then a few minutes later some guy bursts into the printing room yelling STOP THE PRESSES!! STOP THE PRESSES!! We forgot to include Ancient Mayan Qi-che'!!