A Protestant Reformation

You can all thank E Milton V for getting me going on this again...I was recently asked why I chose to head in a new direction church-wise. That is, why do I no longer go to the church I was raised (and found Jesus) in.

There are all kinds of answers to that question and none of them really matter as they are now all in the past. What matters is the future. There are so many possibilities for the future of the Christian church as a whole and I realize that my actions will most definitely affect that outcome on some small level, at least here in my local community, but perhaps even farther out than that.

500 years ago some smartass wrote a big list of things that the church was doing wrong and stapled it to the front door. That list became the Protestant Reformation and it changed the world forever. It was quite possibly the biggest thing in Christianity since Jesus.

So I have been thinking - aren't we due for another protestant reformation?

I could probably come up with a pretty good list of things that I am sick of - things that need to be called out in the open. So here's a start:

1. Let us re-read the original list and make sure we've got this covered first. It deals mostly with the selling of pardons and indulgences, which I don't think happens anymore, but it still sets a good tone for the writing of such a list.

2. Jesus was poor and so should pastors, preachers, and other Christian leaders be. If you've got extra money from offerings or book sales, don't act like it's yours - cause it isn't. Keep what you need and get rid of the rest.

3. Let us re-define the word "need". This definition should do.

4. Let us re-define the word "want". This definition should do.

5. Let us recall the 10 Commandments and notice the period after each one. For example: Don't murder (period).

6. Let us drop the goofy, awkward vocabulary of our grandparents and begin to pray/talk like actual people who believe what they are saying.

7. Let us make a clear, pointed, collective decision to stop wasting our time.

8. Let us reconsider the concept of "Quiet Time" and determine whether or not we want to maintain the usage/practice of this strange "Christianese" idea at all. Look here.

9. Let us fully reject the idea that Christians should be clean-cut, respectful, and polite. Jesus wasn't any of these things.

10. Let us consider the true depth of what it might look like if we were compassionate people. If Jesus was anything, he was most definitely compassionate.

That should get the list started. Feel free to add to it, re-post it, or start your own list that totally disagrees with mine. The whole point is to re-think what we are doing and why. The worst thing we can do is to simply join the pack and be a brainless lemming.