Life Evaluation

I like to check every day or so (link here or on the sidebar), it's interesting to see what is going on and how people feel about things. It's also interesting to see what Gallup thinks is relevant enough to poll about.What's most interesting to me is the section called "Life Evaluation".

But before I get to that I'd like to point out (to all those anti-Obama chumps out there) that, according to Gallup, which is by far most legit polling agency out there, the President's approval rating is over 60%. So shut it.

Now, back to Life Evaluation.

Apparently Gallup asks people a question about how they would evaluate their life at the moment, and they are given two options: Struggling or thriving.

That's strange to me, and very philosophical. To ask someone that on the street or the phone and people readily answer without thinking much. It shows that people are way more in tune with their own life barometer than they often put on. Perhaps people are timid about getting introspective with their friends or families, but to the Gallup pollers, they reveal a lot about themselves with the answer to that question.

Struggling or Thriving?

What's even more interesting is that every week on the Gallup website, the results of that question are almost always an even 50-50 split. And it never changes.  Regardless of economy, politics, wars, etc. it remains the same. Half the people are struggling and half are thriving - and I bet that if they polled the same 10,000 people every week, each persons answer would probably change from one to the other quite often, but the overall result would still be roughly 50-50.


Are you struggling?

Are you thriving?

Perhaps I should poll my readers more often.