Listening to Iron & Wine Today.

I'll tell you why.Because its cold outside for the first time all fall.

Because my bank account is dwindling.

Because my wife and I have been missing each other lately.

Because sticks are breaking easier.

These may sound like bleak things, but I say they are good.


I'll tell you why.

Because this is life. This is what we do. This is what is supposed to happen. Can anyone argue that Jesus is a fan of stability?


If you think Jesus desires for us safety and stability, I'd like to introduce you to a whole nother guy that will undoubtedly freak you out within the first five minutes of talking to him. I'm talking about the real, physical, actual Jesus. The guy with dirty hair that you'd be ashamed to date.

Safety and stability exist only in malls, churches, Starbucks', and Pancake Pantrys. Safety is a credit card and stability is a mortgage. You only have them because you are actually broke but want to appear rich. It is a paradox.

You don't have any money, and neither do I.

Life doesn't happen at the Gap. It doesn't happen at the foot of the cross in the lobby at church. It doesn't happen with a scarf on your neck and a warm latte in your hand.

It happens outside, where it's cold. It is a breaking stick. It is an overdraft charge. It is difficulty with relationships. This is life. Real life.

And let me tell you; it is the single most fulfilling thing I have ever experienced on Earth.

Freedom is knowing where you are and being totally ok with it.

It is allowing yourself to experience cold, pain, depth, fear, and helplessness and then realizing you are still alive. But not just alive.

I'm talking about ALIVE.

You live.

You breathe.

You smile.

Thanks, Jesus.

I'm going to go outside and sit on a bench.

I'd like for you to join me.