Get Clean

I take a shower every day.Every day.

I am clean every morning. I feel clean. I smell clean. I look clean (mostly).

Some people look and smell clean, but they don't feel clean.

What's the point of looking and smelling clean if you do not feel clean? To me, getting clean is about feeling clean. Being clean is feeling clean.

Sometimes you can feel clean without actually being clean, which to me is just as good. I'd rather feel clean than be clean if I had to make the choice. Like when you are camping for several days and someone finds a thing of Stridex pads in the bottom of their backpack and everyone passes them around and wipes their face and the back of their neck, leaving the once white pad all black and gritty, and then throwing the spent disc into the fire, totally eradicating your filth with a flame and a pillar of smoke drifting up to heaven like a sacrifice of something that was once you.

It feels so good to be clean, especially when you had been dirty for so long.

I look my daughter in the eye and feel fine. I've got nothing to hide.

Do you realize what that's worth? Do you know what it's like to feel clean?

You know how difficult it is to keep up with the string of lies you've been telling people to cover your tracks. You think it makes things easier but it doesn't.

Trust me. Trust me. There is NOTHING better than the freedom of knowing you've done nothing wrong. Nothing.

I am innocent.

So I say to you ~ get clean people.

Get clean before the holidays. Get clean so that the face you see in the mirror is the same one that everyone else sees. Nothing under the surface. Get clean my friends, before someone else forces it out of you in the police station while your friends and family stand around in the lobby waiting for you to be released and thinking that this is all just a big mistake.

Get clean before then.

Get clean before you screw something up.