The River at Dawn


We discovered backwoods in High School, and everyone has a different story of how they first stumbled upon them, but they all involve camping. And none of them involve girls. My story is all about a night on Shinall Mountain with some seniors from my high school. They were the only ones old enough to buy. Me and my buddies were in 9th grade.  We smoked a pack each and didn’t sleep a wink.

It was one of the greatest nights of my life.

They come in packs of eight for about $3.95 - $5.00. It’s not just a cigar, and it’s not just a smoke. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a mindset. There are guys that smoke Backwoods occasionally, whenever someone offers them one, and then there’s guys that have a pack every now and then, and then there’ s guys that will never turn one down. And then there’s us.

We live with Backwoods daily. We know the day that new flavors come out and you’d think it was a national holiday the way we celebrate. We quote the paragraph on the back of the package with honor and reverence. Only the few and the proud Backwoodsmen have the sacred text put to memory. When we smoke Backwoods we enjoy it, we savor it, and we breathe in the cool night air and listen to the sounds of the forest regardless of where we are or what time of day it is.

They have become a pre-requisite for every camping trip, every fly fishing trip, every road trip, every campfire, every bar-b-que, and every late night on the front porch. I personally have a few friends that I have never even seen without a Backwood in their gaw. It’s like a miracle of nature that God put tobacco on the earth, and my close friends and I believe strongly that He put it here specifically to make Backwoods with.

You can always find them at Wal-Mart, but the price is generally going to be a bit high. Some gas stations have them and I can give you the address of every one of them in Fayetteville. The gas station attendant will rarely know what the hell you are talking about when you ask for a pack, but be patient and point them out – it’s worth it. They’ll be crammed in between the Black-n-Mild's and the Swisher Blunts.

Peter and I smoke Backwoods regularly, and between the hours of 10pm on Tuesday night and 11am on Wednesday morning you’d be hard pressed to find us without one lit, if you could find us at all.