My favorite Emmy moment thus far

A few nights ago, when I was getting EKS ready for bedtime, I had her on the changing table and I was tickling her and just messing with her a little. I would tickle her armpits and she would squirm and laugh go totally crazy, and then she kept saying "More. Armpit." She would hold her arm up high and wait for it. Then I'd build up the suspense by coming in real slow and she would completely freak out in anticipation and I'd tickle her like crazy and she would tuck her arms back down real fast to stop me.Anyway, this goes on a for a little bit and she keeps wanting more, but it's really time to get ready for bed and settle down, so I figure I'll give her one more good tickle and then we're done. So she says "More. Armpit."

She lifts one arm, which is the scariest thing you can do when someone is trying to tickle you, and then she lifts up her other arm. Both arms straight up by her head, laying on her back, hands in fists.

"More. Armpit."

So I move in real slow and she doesn't budge. She starts to squeal a bit in anticipation but her armpits stay wide open.

I dive in and tickle her like crazy, and she totally goes nuts, arms straight up. She's laughing and screaming and squirming and freaking out but she's holding those skinny little arms straight up in the air and loving every second of it.

And that's my kid.

The only person I've ever met that will just let you tickle them like crazy, with no defense and not a care in the world.

I love that kid.