An Open Letter To My Wife

Babe,You are an amazing mommy. The way you take care of our little munchkin is a thing of pure glory. The love and patience that flows out of you and into her is something I constantly admire and revere everyday. Her spirit is your spirit. Her sweetness is your sweetness. She didn't learn that stuff from me. You've taught her and encouraged her in ways that teach and encourage me not just everyday, but every minute.

Your love for life has been thrilling to me. Deep down, where I need to know it's true. Where I want to be convinced. Your heart opens up in me and gives me a secondary vault of strength and energy. I know I act like you're always bummed out like Eeyore, always sighing and harumphing around, but I want you to know -

it's not true.

You wake up in the morning with a happy heart and you (usually) go to sleep with a happy heart, if not a tired one. The more and more I meet and talk to other married guys, I truly realize how good I really have it. You take care of our family in such amazing ways every single day that I get bogged down with all the things I am thankful for in you, and regrettably voice them too seldom.

The term "homemaker" has become somehow derogatory in our current culture where the strong women's movement seems to demand CEO positions at major corporations and settle for nothing less. I reject that. Sure, any woman can be a CEO if that is what she wants. Women are certainly just as capable as men to run companies, but it takes a woman of infinitely more fortitude, patience, kindness, and sacrificial spirit to be a true Homemaker. I respect you and admire you far beyond any woman who can make it to the top of a company, because to make it as a Homemaker, you put the family before yourself.

And babe, you do it with utmost grace and poise.

You cook, clean, fold, swiff, scrub, vacuum, Kroger (that's a verb), entertain, and very rarely rest. You serve me and Emmy first, you constantly try to think of new things to cook, new ways to play with EKS, and new parks to play at. Not to mention carrying our second child in the most healthy, pure, and natural ways possible. You stay up all night with pregnancy-caused heartburn, discomfort, and frustration - all while making sure not to stir me.

I could go on and on, but let's just suffice it to say: I'm amazed by you.

You deserve more for yourself, and we deserve less. Your few minor imperfections are all but forgotten in light of your glory as a woman, a mother, and a wife.

These words don't seem like much, but all of what I've said above is contained herein:

I love you.

Be loved,

Your Husband

P.S. - You rock my world.