Being/Feeling Cool

I haven’t written anything real in a while. Actually a long while.The annual hogblog is a must - but other than that the SPCSHP has stayed pretty spare, save the occasional picture or video. Things that don’t take time.

Maybe its because life is going really well for me right now - it seems. Business is going great, the kids are super awesome, the wife is completely hot, and the seasons are changing.

Maybe its because I am starting to grow weary of inadvertently yet constantly thinking of things to tweet/facebook about to make my life sound and appear cool.

Peter Marsh once said

if you feel cool, you are cool.

Which is true. I feel cool, because of the way I organize, design, and live my life - so therefore I am cool. It really has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks of me - its all interior.

And feeling cool, or being cool is one of the most important things to enjoying a good life. I know it sounds superficial, but it is true. Cool in your own way. Cool in your own head. Fully confident in it. Think about it. The coolest people you know - the people you always want to hang around with. The people who own groups - groups that they are given freely when people say

You know, __________ and all them.

Fill in the blank with the name of the guy who runs the group, and everyone knows who you are talking about.

So maybe its because my life is going really great, that I feel totally cool in it and don’t feel the constant urge to prove it to people, or to manifest it through my online presence somehow. Or maybe, I’ve manifested it so precisely that I no longer need to fuel it. It goes.

Facebook and Twitter make it much easier to design yourself. Back in high school, if you wore a stupid shirt to school and everyone made fun of you, it took days to recover. Now, you post something dumb and its history within minutes. Totally forgotten. Or you immediately post that cool witty thing you’ve been thinking about for weeks and you’re back on top. It’s a popularity contest where everyone wins.