My Biggest Decade Yet // Part Three

Year Three: 2002By the start of 2002 I was struggling with what my next step would be. I was already burning out in college and my living situation wasn't the best. I had lost touch with my friends and I saw very little future in what I was doing. I decided to take a semester off and get a job. My dad wasn't super excited about the idea, but he figured he would rather save his money for my college tuition until I was ready to buckle down and work hard. I got a job at a small pharmacy delivering medicine to old people and nursing homes, which was cool. I got to drive a lot and listen to music and I ended up making some decent money - for a college kid. I spent all that money going to concerts and buying CDs. Life was good again.

I worked that job all summer and eventually started thinking about college again. I decided to move out of the house I was living in and got an apartment with a buddy near campus. By fall semester I was back in school and had a newfound excitement about the future.

Edward and I shared the tiny two bedroom and split the $400 per month rent easily. We lived in simplicity. No cable TV, no central heat and air, dial up internet. Each afternoon, when we got home from classes, we would sit on our couches with the front door open and smoke Backwoods inside, breathing deeply the cool Fayetteville air. Somehow, two guys, David Munsey and Hunter Williams, starting showing up everyday. We weren't entirely sure why or how we all got to become friends, but it worked. Along with them, our apartment became the place to hang out almost every night of the week. People would just show up and we would listen to music, fill the living room with smoke, and sit out on the porch into the wee hours of the morning, doing hardly anything at all. We were living the dream. By the end of the year, my girlfriend and I broke up a few times, and got back together a few times. It was one of those things, but it was good.