my biggest decade yet // part five

Year Five: 2004In the spring of 2004 I asked Micaiah's dad for her hand in marriage. We sat out in back of the house in Xela, underneath the volcano Santa Maria and its little brother, the ever spewing and coughing Santiaguito. We drank cold Mozas and smoked Backwoods a friend had mailed me from home. He gave me the go-ahead and before we knew it, our time in Guatemala had come to a close. Micaiah and I, along with her Dad, drove home from Guatemala through Mexico in early May.

We found ourselves living back in Fayetteville and on June 19th, on the foggy banks of the White River just after dawn, I asked Micaiah to marry me. She said yes. Later that day we went to the Gentry Petting Zoo and saw a giraffe run in slow motion. Giraffes always run in slow motion - it’s mesmerizing. It seemed to me to be an image of my life. Running full steam ahead, having the time of your life, but all in a glorious slow-mo that allows for the fullness of all the sensations to be captured and processed in real time.

In the midst of planning our fall wedding, I decided to take another major major exit on the highway of life. A friend of mine had transferred from the U of A in Fayetteville to UALR, in Little Rock to pursue a major in Construction Management. I decided to do the same - to go back where I started. By the time the fall semester began I had rented a small house in Cammack Village and Micaiah had moved in with my parents until the wedding.

By Thanksgiving, almost a year to the date from when I arrived in Guatemala, Micaiah and I were married and celebrating our honeymoon in Keystone, Colorado. We wandered around town soaking up the cool mountain air and ordered pizza to our condo and listened to an audiobook of The Da Vinci Code in the car. We were lazy and in love and having a blast.