my biggest decade yet // part six

Year Six: 2005By the start of 2005 I had settled back in to the college routine and was having a relatively good time going to classes. My best friend and I shared almost all of the same classes and being in construction school in Arkansas made it pretty easy to stand out as one of the “smart kids”. I was working part time at Ozark Outdoor in Little Rock and Micaiah had gotten a job teaching elementary Spanish at Little Rock Christian. We were broke, but things were nice. We got a dog and a Blockbuster card.

That year, I actually managed to go climbing at Horseshoe canyon at least once a month with Peter and an ever-changing cast of dirtbags and climbing bums. Life was fun and easy, despite our finances (or lack thereof).

In spring Micaiah and I took a weeklong trip in her Chevy Lumina to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and camped by a small, cool, rushing river. We were giddy and in love. The car broke down a few times on the road and once we had to hitch-hike to a gas station on the back of a homeless guy’s (most likely stolen) riding lawn mower, which was pulling a janky old trailer with a five gallon bucket of diesel fuel in it, which was splashing out all over me, and about which I couldn’t have cared less. The sun was shining and my sweetie-pie and I were in the middle of a hilarious story.

The rest of the year went by rather uneventfully, which was exactly the way we wanted it. Peaceful and easy.