i write less

And I’ll tell you why:1) I’ve grown completely discouraged by the people around me. I live in a community of people who would rather talk about sports, the beach, or reality television than Jesus. Life apparently consists of smooth sailing with occasional, although seldom waves. This is huge travesty because while the world is in fact stormy all around us, we’ve pulled a veil of calm over our eyes to shield us from any semblance of trouble. This veil is often called “maturity” or “stability” but I call it outright deceit.

2) Writing (or perhaps I should say - writing about anything meaningful), I’ve come to learn, changes nothing. People “like” it on Facebook and then get back to innocently scrolling through the pictures of the really fun night that the popular people they went to high school with just posted. If you want to get peoples attention anymore something has to be free or naked.

3) It only seems to appease my troubled heart. I’ve found that when I write my thoughts out clearly, I can delete them from my brain and move on. Nothing changes, I just get to stop thinking about it. I reject this. Troubled thoughts should remain in your head until you work them out - not write them down.

Which Leads Me To This:

Social Networking has become SimCity. A giant video game we all play while ignoring real life all around us. We’ve been unwittingly and unknowingly brainwashed by the Man Behind The Curtain. The Board of Directors of Time Wasting. Mark Zuckerberg. The Twitter Whale. FourSquare. Gowalla. Checking In. Tagging. Liking. Commenting. Posting. Reposting. Scrolling. This is what we do now.

We scroll.

Never reading. Never thinking. Never changing.

We scroll an alternate universe of superficiality - and its become our home.

We are not the people on our profile page because our profile pages don’t list that we are addicted to porn, broke, and hurting. It’s not real. We are living in the bottom level of the dream from the movie Inception, resisting the ever fading urge to glance down at the top to see if it is still spinning.

Everyone has boarded the train to the future, including me, but I have just noticed that the top doesn’t topple. It spins, and it always will.

I’m tossing my bags and taking the dive into the gravel banks of the train tracks, where true life and feeling are. I’m sure I’ll see very, very few of you there. Standing in the woods, watching the rumbling train charge off into the depths without us. I’ll take you few any day.