a hypothetical

What if someone were to knowingly and purposefully spread an incorrect message about God that was so compelling that people gave their lives to Jesus in droves?What if we cut out all the parts of the gospel that people have trouble with and just preached an easy to swallow pill with nothing but good news?

What if we actually did preach universalism?

What if we went out to the streets and announced that we were way off with the whole “eternal punishment for sins” thing - everybody is going to heaven, even the worst of the worst people ever. Rapists, murders, dictators, pedophiles, thieves, sex traders, the whole lot of em - all forgiven. Everybody gets in over all religions and all cultures because Jesus died for everyone.

What if, instead of asking people where they would go if they died that day, we just told people “Hey man, you’re going to heaven! Jesus died and forgave all your sins! Cool huh? See you there buddy!” and then high-five them and go tell someone else.


What would happen?

What would become of the guy that decided to follow and pursue Jesus after hearing that message?

What if he told more people and they told more people?

Here’s the question:

Would they die and go to hell because they were wrong about hell? Or would they die and go to heaven because they were right about Jesus dying for us and saving us from hell?

I think that’s a damn good question.