it all comes down to this

So if you’ve been reading my last few posts about heaven, hell, and Jesus - you’ll remember the questions I’ve been thinking about.Earlier tonight, me and some friends (one of whom was supposed to clear all this up for me), met over a few beers and talked it out. It was a great conversation, and although I missed the beginning of it, I think the mighty waters of the sea of theology I’ve been drowning in have settled a bit - however, I’m still in the middle of the ocean, just not drowning as much. So my situation has improved a bit.

Rob Bell stirred the pot, and over the last few weeks my friends and I have stirred it some more, and after all this stirring, I think I’ve stopped caring as much about all the minor details and I’m zeroing in on the thing that seems to matter most to me. The thing I keep going back to again and again.

It starts like this:

Did Jesus die on the cross to pay the price for the sins of mankind?

Yes or no.

I believe he did.


So here’s the question:

Since Jesus died on the cross, paying the price for the sins of all mankind - do I still have to potentially pay for those sins too?

When something is paid for - it’s paid for. Right?

Ever paid for something twice? It’s a total ripoff.

If I pay your tab at a restaurant, whether you asked me to or not, the tab is paid.

Zeroed out.

End of story.