holy week // part five

Todays post is, you guessed it, also from the Vault. If you’re noticing a theme here. Its because I’ve realized that we don’t learn lessons like we ought to. Its good to go back and remember the things that gripped you once before and allow them to take hold again. I hope this post inspires something deep and heartfelt in you, as it did in me.Today is Maundy Thursday, which is the recognition of the day that Jesus shared the Last Supper with the disciples in upper room. If I had been in that room, knowing what I know now about what was going to happen the very next day, I would have cleared the air about a lot of things to Jesus. I would have told him how depraved I am and how much I appreciated what he was about to face on my behalf.

This article was originally posted on June 17th, 2009.

A Declaration of Independence


Jesus, my heart has taken a small step away from you and it has gotten to the point where I have found myself shackled again to things that I did not make specific choices to be chained to. I decided long ago to chain myself to you and in doing so I chose to be completely unchained to all else. The problem though, is that when you stand in the same place for long enough, trees will eventually begin to stretch and wrap their roots around your ankles. An inch or so every month doesn't seem to make much difference, but after several years, you look down and notice you're quite stuck.


So, listed below are all the things that I can think of that cause me to glance away from you:

my wife

my baby girl




my business



cameras & camera gear (lenses, computer software, etc)

my iphone




bank accounts


my car



Don Miller

hanging out with friends in the evenings

smoking cloves




my ipod & car stereo

the future

looking/feeling cool

having a great beard


outdoor gear & stuff

the outdoors

dudes nights


being funny

thinking about things

the grateful dead

driving with the windows down

feeling good about myself


eating out

the internet

thinking about traveling

photography magazines

outdoor magazines

anything made by apple

everything on TV

getting published

having stuff in newspapers

thinking I am a good photographer

feeling like I am a better photographer than other people

having a happy marriage

enjoying anything

thinking about/planning road trips


owning a good home

not working in construction anymore



& everything else

Jesus, may none of these things bring me any sort of happiness, joy, amazement, wonder, reflection, peace, consistency, stability, gladness, safety, enjoyment, power, strength, fullness, fulfillment, or gratefulness if I am not first found secure, stable, and current with you.

May my daily activities be stopped, blocked, and frustrated by you until I have fully acknowledged the fact that, as Graham Cooke has said, you love me

because you love me

because you love me

because you love me

because you love me

because you love me

because you love me

because you love me

because you love me

because you love me

because you love me

because you love me

because you love me

and there is nothing I can do to increase or decrease your love for me.

It is constant, stable, and perfect every day, all the time. And that is where I have chosen to live and no where else. Cause my heart to be dragged back to you (kicking and screaming, if necessary) any way that you know how. I don't want to be happy about anything unless I know that everything is cool between me and you.

That's it.

May it always be.