so many observations today

1. It is close to 45 degrees inside Starbucks.2. The medical school students studying next to me are quizzing each other on which drug to prescribe for different conditions but they are not saying anything about the importance of lifestyle change.

3. An angry tattooed couple across the room is talking loudly about how stupid Christians are, mentioning that they heard a group of people at Barnes & Noble praying that God would open the hearts of the owners of Guitar Center to their ministry and bless them with cheaper guitars and amplifiers to better lead the congregation in spirit-filled worship.

4. A young, well dressed couple sitting next to the angry couple waited until the angry couple left to start talking about how shallow and misinformed their perceptions of God were and how ugly and unattractive all their tattoos are.

5. No one knows how to parallel park.

*I wrote this post a few weeks ago and saved it as a draft for later. Not sure why I didn’t post it at the time. Maybe I was feeling like it was too soon.