is fearlessness real? can I have it?

If perfect love casts out fear, how is it that those who are redeemed can even comprehend what fear is? Much less actually experience it themselves.If the perfect love of Jesus casts out fear, and yet we Christ followers experience fear on a daily basis - what is the problem?

The statement is either true or false. Either perfect love casts out fear, or it doesn’t.

Do we fully acknowledge and comprehend perfect love? I’m not sure. But one thing I am certain of is this:

We are a very fearful people.

So again, what is the problem?

If the statement is true - that perfect love actually does cast out fear - then how is it that we know fear so deeply?

I’d argue that it is not because we have so many things to fear, and it is not because we aren’t very good at dealing with fear, but it is simply because we are not accepting the simplest truth possible - that we are loved. And as loved people, who are loved by the creator and ruler of all things, we simply fear out of our own foolishness, and the all-allowing God who governs everything does let it happen, but it is our own choice to just trust if we want to.

Just trust.

Trust that when Jesus picks you up, you don’t have to hold his neck. You can just go limp. He won’t drop you. He won’t stumble or get tired. Go to sleep, do whatever. You’re being carried.

Do we believe that? No.

If we did we would have no concept of fear in our lives. Simple as that.

So what is holding you back?

The truth of the statement is no less concrete just because you have not fully grasped it yourself.

Some things are true whether you believe them or not. Truth exists like gravity. If everyone died today, truth would still float, with no minds to contain it. It just is.

Grab it.