i just realized two important things

  1. Brent Mydland’s Grateful Dead songs are absolutely amazing. I’m developing a true appreciation for him as the most under-appreciated guy in the band, and thereby in all of musical history. The dude can wail man, and his Hammond organ stuff? Magical. Three Mydland tracks to check out: Blow Away, Just a Little Light, and I Will Take You Home. All three can be found on the album Built to Last, which you can get for A DOLLAR on Amazon.
  2. My endless and abiding love for the Grateful Dead is no less valid and no less annoying than most peoples unending dedication to the Razorbacks. I understand. You guys are sick of hearing about it. And I understand that just because I don’t “get” it, Hog fever is just a big thing that folks get excited about - and that’s okay too - so I’ll try to cut you guys some slack. There is, however, one major difference between the Grateful Dead and the Razorbacks: The Dead never loses.