here's what I think

And I hesitate to say this sometimes because I don’t want to upset anyone or give anyone a reason to try to argue me out of something. I always welcome different ideas - but its when people feel the need to make me conform to their ideas that I start to get suspicious. We don’t need to think like each other, we just need to think clearly.So I feel like I need to write this down and since I committed long ago to live my spiritual life publicly for better or for worse, (because in the end that may be my only real contribution to the world) here it is:

I think God loves gay people and terrorists.

I think God loves porn stars and prostitutes and drug dealers and pedophiles.

I think God loves rapists, thieves, and murderers.

I think God loves homeless people - dirt, rags, and all.

I think God loves Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong Il.

I think God loves you, even though you don’t love hate all of these things.

I think God loves you, even though you’re wrong about pretty much everything.

I think God loves you, even though you’re a thankless selfish asshole.

(I’m talking about me here, people)

I think God is WAY more obtuse than we ever realized before. God does get to have things both ways. He does get to make insane claims and then back them up with action even though it appears to be a contradiction. Contradiction is a human invention made necessary because we can’t see all of time or understand all science or chemistry or physics. Our understanding of those things, no matter how nuanced or advanced is (and will always be) limited by our immature brains than have no concept of thought outside of our feeble limitations.

I think God is a pacifist. He may not have always been one, but he certainly became one when he came here as Jesus and started changing things up.

A good friend asked me the other day: “Should we kill the Muslim terrorists or should we just let them come over here and kill us?”

The Christian answer to that question is shockingly simple:

We just let them come over here and kill us.

People get really upset about that answer - but that’s the only answer there is. Remember what Jesus said about turning the other cheek and giving your coat when someone asks for your shirt? That’s what he meant.

Jesus isn’t American, folks. He never came to this continent during his short years walking the Earth. He doesn’t look like us and he doesn’t dress like us. He’s a foreigner - and we certainly treat him like one. We try to make Jesus American by assigning our screwed up thoughts to him, as if he will gladly take them on simply because he doesn’t argue with people much.

God hates killing, all the time, everywhere. The last time God approved of anyone killing anyone else it was when they killed his son. That was the last one that was okay - and even that one broke his heart with outrageous fury.

God hates hatred.

God hates hatred.

God hates hatred.

I’ll even venture this:

God hates nothing more than people parading around as Christians promoting hatred.

So if you’re going to vote for injustice and discrimination against anyone, you must know this: Your voice is not the voice of God on this issue. Simple as that.

Go ahead and do what you will - but call it what it is: Fear and hatred. Fear and hatred.

I think it’s generally very easy to figure out what God thinks about most issues. Ask yourself which side of the issue is the most compassionate, loving, hopeful, forgiving, self-sacrificing, humbling, peaceful, reconciling, and kind - despite any apparent sin associated with it.

So that’s what I think.

I know people will furiously disagree with me about a lot of this, which is perfectly fine with me. All I’m trying to do is get clean and end up in a casket without any blood on my hands.

My sins are more than enough to stain me pretty bad. I don’t need anyone else condemning me to hell for anything, trust me.

I just want to promote faith, hope, and love.

These three.

Which one did Jesus say was the greatest?

It wasn’t faith?