Desolation Row

Oswald Chambers said spiritual desolation is always your fault. Never God’s fault or anyone else’s. He said people end up in spiritual desolation for one of two reasons:

  1. You have satisfied a lust.
  2. You have not satisfied a lust.

In other words, there is only one possible reason for spiritual desolation: Lust.

Lust can take shape in any form - it’s not always a sexual thing.

The word Lust in the dictionary has three definitions:

  1. Very strong sexual desire.
  2. A passionate desire for something.
  3. A sensual appetite regarded as sinful.

Lately, I have been covered in lust. All three kinds actually.

I don’t have an issue with pornography, I have an issue with letting my mind wander at the drop of a hat. I have an issue with distraction. I’m surrounded by muses calling me away, and sometimes I let my mind wander. I neglect to resist it. I’m out of practice. I’ve forgotten how to resist.

Then again, I really haven’t. I know damn well how to resist. I’ve just stopped trying.

And then I end up in spiritual desolation.

So the question I’ve started asking myself is:

What are you going to resist today?

Are you resisting anything right now?

I wasn’t a few days ago, but I am now.

Find out what’s screwed up within you and resist it.

There is a really popular thing going on right now in the cycling world called “fixed gear cycling” - where you have only one gear on your bike, and no brakes. The only way to slow down or stop is to use your legs to resist the continuous spinning of the pedals, which is way harder than you might think. Our legs aren’t used to that action. It feels like something that doesn’t make sense, like it won’t work.

But it does.

People stop that way all the time.

But you have to practice.


Resist the spinning pedals that have been going your whole life.

Try a new thing.

Resist it. Everyday.

And sooner or later, you’ll be able to stop completely - not forever, but just for that one day - because you’ve decided that you can, and you will, and although it’s hard, it is also good. It strengthens us.

You will never ever stop being faced with temptation.

You can, however, teach yourself how to resist.

And really, that’s the only thing you can do.

And when we do that, that spiritual fog is lifted.

Are you in the fog?

Here’s why:

You’re not resisting anything.