Loblolly Creamery // The Soda Fountain - Cool Local Businesses

So if you live in Little Rock you're probably well aware that the city is experiencing some really cool growth in the way of new businesses and just general coolness. One of the places that has seen the biggest transformation in the past few years is the (now) lovely South Main Street, also known as SoMa, thanks to one of those surprisingly well timed and even more surprisingly effective city government campaigns to put a new face on an old area by simply nicknaming it. 

One of the first few businesses to see the potential of South Main was the Green Corner Store, which is now right in the heart of the coolness of SoMa. I had originally set up this shoot with Shelley Green, who owns the store, and I had planned on shooting both her and the fine folks that run The Soda Fountain and Loblolly Creamery, which are both located inside the walls of the Green Corner Store. 

On the day of the shoot, I arrived to find out that Shelley was out sick (bummer) but the Soda Fountain / Loblolly crew (Sally, Rachel, and Dan) were there and more than ready to knock out some awesome pictures. For the first shot, I set up my 60 inch softbox low and to camera left and had Sally stand behind the soda fountain and make up a nice colorful drink while Rachel held a reflector off to camera right to bounce some light back onto Sally's face and also to highlight the soda fountain a bit more. 


For the edit on these shots, I used VSCO film to give the images that classic look of being shot on film rather than digital. I rarely use VSCO film for these types of shots but I thought it worked in this case since the concept of a soda fountain already has that  nostalgic 1950s feel to it. Sidenote: Since I was shooting directly into a mirror (behind Sally) I had to basically hide behind Sally's reflection and I had to keep my lights well off to the side to keep from bouncing light where I didn't want it.

Next I did a few shots of Rachel, Sally, and Dan all together, each enjoying some tasty treat they offer to their customers. For this shot I kept my big softbox up and raised it up pretty high - maybe 6 feet or so - so the light would reach Dan in the back. I also pushed the light pretty far back so each of my three subjects would land in an even zone of light with little falloff from one edge to the next. You know, inverse square law stuff. I also put a strobe with a reflector directly on the floor in the back of the store to light up the ceiling and the space behind them. 


The stuff they sell in this store is super cool and the owners and staff are just as awesome. I just love this new-ish push of cool young people making this city awesome and chasing their dreams, and that's why I'm doing this series on cool local business owners. Thanks again to Sally, Rachel, and Dan at Loblolly Creamery / The Soda Fountain! You guys rule and you did an awesome job in front of the camera!  Thanks for letting me barge in and take over for a while! 

Folks, if you haven't checked out the Green Corner Store and gotten a soda and a cone at Loblolly, you really are missing out. It just feels good to be in there. Reminds me of my Mawmaw a little bit. Thanks again guys!  


Next up in the Cool Local Business Owners series: Re-Creation Studios, Nomad Skate Shop, White Goat, and Electric Heart Tattoo. Stay tuned. I'm having lots of fun with this.