Chris + Courtney // Man + Wife

Man + Wife round two. This time I'm featuring my friends Chris and Courtney, who are quite possibly the most similarly looking married couple I've come across yet. Chris and I lived together in college, where, in addition to sharing a room, we also shared a mutual love for several very important things including Boy Meets World, John Mayer, and cheap BUT TOTALLY ADEQUATE second-hand furniture. Chris and I would've had the cleanest bathroom in the house, had it not been for Garrett living across the hall.

By the way, if you didn't already know, Girl Meets World is officially happening. 

Here's Chris and Courtney: 


Chris and Courtney are awesome people and if you ever see them you should tell them how cool they are and congratulate them on having nearly identical features while both remaining positively masculine and feminine, respectively. 

If you're curious how I shot these photos and why, scroll down to read my first post in this series, which will explain everything in awesome detail. 

Cool. More to come...